8 Proven Tips to Fight Thinning Hair Naturally

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Whether it’s age, stress or a medical-related issue, losing your hair can be embarrassing and a blow to your confidence. Depending on the cause, thinning hair may not be preventable or even reversible.

But for most people, it’s possible to stop hair loss in its tracks and kick-start the regrowth process with simple tips below.

Tip #8 – Nurture & Feed Your Hair with Healthy Food

You are what you eat – and that includes your hair. An unhealthy diet leads to an unhealthy head of hair.

A deficiency in any of the following vitamins and minerals can cause you to lose your hair:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • B-vitamins
  • Iron

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you may have a harder time getting enough vitamin B12 and other B vitamins through diet alone. Studies show that B12 deficiencies lead to hair loss, and this essential vitamin can only be obtained from animal products.

Keep in mind: Ensuring that you’re getting enough of the nutrients listed above is a great place to start. But in general, you should be eating a healthy, balanced diet with a variety of foods to make sure that you’re meeting your daily nutritional needs.

Tip #7 – Try Shampoo with Ketoconazole to Reduce DHT Production

Did you know that DHT plays a significant role in male pattern baldness? Increased production of this steroid leads to hair loss in men, but you can stop its damaging effects by using a tube of shampoo with ketoconazole.

I recommend to use some of these brands:

  1. Nizoral
  2. Perfect Hair
  3. Regenepure

Typically, ketoconazole shampoos are promoted as anti-dandruff shampoos, but they play a role in blocking (or reducing) DHT production, which can stop hair loss.

Coincidently, hair loss caused by DHT can actually cause dandruff, too. So, switching to a ketoconazole shampoo will help you kill two birds with one stone.

Tip #6 – Minimize Styling to Avoid Damage to Your Hair

Styling damages the hair – period. For women with thinning hair, cutting back on heat styling can be especially challenging. But to promote hair growth, it’s worth learning how to style your hair without causing excessive damage.

Heat styling isn’t the only thing to blame for hair thinning. Products such as gels, mousses, hair sprays and serums can also cause you to lose your hair. Toss out those chemical-riddled hair products, and trade them in for natural ones.

Pay attention: And while you’re at it, evaluate whether you really need to layer on three or four products every single day. Not only are you damaging your hair, but you’re hurting your wallet, too.

Tip #5 – Supplement Essential Vitamins & Minerals for Your Hair

Want to support hair growth and keep your beautiful mane from thinning out? Supplement your diet with the essential vitamins and minerals your hair needs for healthy growth.

Which vitamins and minerals should you supplement?

  1. Iron – Women who don’t eat a lot of red meat and are of child-bearing age are typically deficient in iron. Iron carries oxygen to the hair follicles to promote healthy growth, so if you lack this essential mineral, supplementation can help prevent future hair loss. But before you run out and buy an iron supplement, have your levels checked by your doctor to see if you are truly deficient. Too much iron can be detrimental, too!
  2. B-complex – B vitamins are crucial to hair growth, but biotin, cobalamin and niacin are the most important. These essential vitamins restore thickness and shine to thin, dull hair. B-complex vitamins can help you reach your recommended daily intake, but you can also get these vitamins from your diet through avocados, eggs, whole grains and legumes.
  3. Zinc – If you exercise and sweat a lot, you’re losing a lot of zinc. Modern diets are mostly deficient in zinc as is, so excess sweating can make the situation worse. Try adding a supplement if you can’t get this mineral through your diet. Doctors recommend getting 15-30mg of zinc daily. Pumpkin seeds, lamb, turkey and chocolate are rich in zinc.
  4. Vitamin D – This essential vitamin plays a crucial role in follicle cycling. Supplements can help you reach your daily needs, or you can obtain vitamin D from salmon, beef liver, mushroom and grains. The sun is another excellent source of vitamin D, but exposure should be limited and is not the optimal solution for everyone.

Pay attention: These are just the most essential. For a whole list, check out this article – 14 Best Vitamins for Hair Growth and Beauty.

Tip #4 – Treat Yourself with a Dry & Wet Scalp Massage Daily

Something as simple as poor circulation can cause your hair to start thinning. If your scalp isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, healthy hair growth is impossible.

One of the best ways to improve circulation is by massaging the scalp. For best results, give yourself wet and dry scalp massages daily, and consider adding essential and carrier oils to further promote hair growth.

Tip #3 – Invest in LaserCap for Low-Level Light Therapy

Want to take a more aggressive approach to hair loss? Try LaserCap, a low-level light therapy device that stimulates hair follicle cells and improves circulation.

LaserCap is a non-surgical solution, but you’ll still need to get a prescription from your doctor to use it.

Tip #2 – Relax & Meditate to Keep Your Stress Levels in Check

Stress can also cause hair loss. Taking time to relax and meditate can keep your stress levels in check, and prevent your hair loss from getting worse.

You don’t need to spend an hour or more meditating each day (although it would be beneficial). Just 5-10 minutes of relaxation and stillness can help melt away stress, anxiety and tension.

Tip #1 – You Can Try Minoxidil

Minoxidil (a.k.a. Rogaine) is a proven hair loss solution for men and women, and you can buy it over the counter at most drug and big box stores, such as Amazon or Walmart.

Just keep in mind that Rogaine only works if your hair loss is the result of male or female pattern baldness – not some other condition.

Pay attention: If a vitamin deficiency or medical issue is causing you to lose your hair, Minoxidil won’t provide you with the results you want.

Special Technique Using Ginger to Treat Thinning Hair

video template for using ginger on thinning hair

Do you know other tips to stop thinning hair? Please share your secrets with us in the comments section below.

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